Words from the Founder

U-dental  is  one  of  the  oldest  oral  care  providers  in  China  that  is  managed  through  a   doctor-owned  partnership. It was a major accomplishment to secure the capital and resources needed to establish U-dental in 2006. But  our  greatest  strength  lies  in  our  ability  to  serve patients with  a  highly  respected  staff  of  professionals, each of whom is fully immersed in a work culture based on team spirit and medical ethics.

Since the early days when Dr. Steven Shi and I together opened our first dental clinic, and later as we welcomed new colleagues including Dr. Greg Chen, Dr. Sam Ling and Dr. Daniel She, we have held fast to our core values. We collaboratively strive to offer the best medical skills and best services, respecting each and every customer.

As a dental services company with clinics nationwide, YOUMU – as its name implies, offers every patient a friendly atmosphere and warm service. Our aim is to build on our current reputation as the nation's most people-friendly, professional chain of dental clinics. We're also striving to enhance dental care quality throughout China while improving health care and treatment for all.

Over the past nine years, our competitive advantages have become increasingly clear. First and foremost, U-dental is an oral care and treatment services company managed entirely by dentists. We value our professionals and their skills as our company's most crucial asset. Secondly, U-dental keeps a close eye on all academic research that pertains to our clinical practice, especially in special areas such as implants and orthodontic care. Our industry-leading U-dental Implant Training Center functions as a bridge between China and the rest of the world by offering Chinese dentists the world’s best courses in oral health care.

Dentists at U-dental take as much time as needed with each patient. For example, one of our dentists will typically spend a full hour cleaning a patient's teeth, making sure it's done well and done right. And during the cleaning process, a dentist will instruct his or her patient about proper oral health. At every clinic, all dentists on staff meet together every morning to discuss the previous day's cases. The goal of this discussion is to ensure the best treatment for all.

We do all of this because we think our patients' needs come before everything else. Our staff members come next. Behind these two groups in importance are our shareholders. We take care of our patients as well as their teeth. And for all of our staff members, we emphasize teamwork and promote professional self-improvement. Only by doing these things right can we provide satisfactory returns for our shareholders.

Finally, please allow me to stress that health care by its nature is an industry that moves slowly. Good health is not a consumer product. Each of our founding team members is a professional dentist. We keep a tight grip on medical ethics. We will never sacrifice our professionalism or our code of conduct simply for the sake of business growth. Proper health care is too important. Other businesses may pursue maximum shareholder value, but health care companies such as ours must strive to maximize patient health and life benefits. That's our highest and ultimate goal.

“It is health that is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.”

– Mohandas Gandhi
William Zhu
CEO and Managing Director, U-dental